Shocking footage shows a police officer Knocking out Charlton fan at Old Trafford

Shocking footage shows a police officer Knocking out Charlton fan at Old Trafford

Shocking footage shows the moment a police officer pushes a football fan to the ground and leaves him lying face down before walking off.

The incident took place outside Old Trafford just moments after Manchester United’s Carabao Cup victory over Charlton Athletic last night (Tue) at 10 pm.

In the clip the man, believed to be a Charlton supporter, approaches three cops who are leading away another person in handcuffs in the stadium’s car park.

And after one of the officers pushes the man away, he then gives him a much stronger shove, leading him to fall to the ground.

The three police officers then walk away from the man, who seems unconscious, with shocked fans who saw the incident overheard saying: “He’s knocked out, isn’t he?”

James, who filmed the clip but didn’t want to give his surname, said the incident came “out of the blue” as Charlton fans were boarding their coaches to head home.

He said: “It was out of the blue. All Charlton fans were behaving well, a few small disturbances as you get at a football match.

“But the fella who got pushed by the police officer wasn’t really doing anything to deserve that force used on him.

“[It] happened in the stadium car park where all the Charlton coaches were parked.”

James said the officers had not returned to see if the man had any injuries, but instead had just left him lying on the floor.

He added: “He was just left there. He could still be there now, who knows?

“The officer didn’t even bother to check his welfare and if he’s injured, just walked off with two other officers.”

James also criticized the general treatment of away fans during the game, where Man United beat Charlton 3-0 following two injury-time goals by ace Marcus Rashford.

He said: “The treatment was poor the whole night. I saw one guy who…just stopped to put his wallet away and an officer screamed at him to move on or he will be nicked.

“Treatment was horrendous.”

Greater Manchester Police has been contacted for comment.

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